7 tips to clean your vehicle like a professional


Performing a regular cleaning of your vehicle will allow you to keep it in optimal conditions and will give you the constant feeling of having a new car. Whether you do it at home or take it to a car wash, these hacks can help you maintain the splendor of your vehicle from new.

How to clean my car like a professional?

1. Start from the inside

Step 1 in cleaning a car is the interior. Start with the dash, rugs, seats, and handles. Clean the waterproof surfaces, this will allow you to throw away the residues from the upper parts at the first moment and not after cleaning the carpets.

2. Carpets

Once the most accessible surfaces (the dirtiest ones) have been cleared of debris, it is recommended to clean the gaps and the floor mats. It is preferable to use an air compressor or a vacuum cleaner to blow out debris and dust. If you don’t have an air-blowing device, you can carefully use a stiff brush and sweep away dust and particles.

3. Smell of New

One of the most pleasant characteristics of a new car is its aroma, to keep it clean, with compressed air, the dust and dirt from the heating and air conditioning ducts. The most popular way to do this is to target the heating inlets and outlets to remove dust and contamination, which cause the musty smell.

4. Tires

Once the interior is finished, the exterior begins with the tires. There are many products for this purpose on the market, the recommendation is to choose those with a lower level of acidity, to preserve the shine.

5. Body

The bodywork is one of the most important points of vehicle cleaning, as it is where good work is evident. The most important thing is to avoid scratches on the body and for that, it is recommended to wash it using a sponge and car shampoo.

Completely discard soap from dishes or any other domestic use, as they tend to remove the wax that brightens the paint. For drying, use a microfiber towel that will prevent the formation of water spots or mineral remains.

6. Wax

It is not always necessary, but a correct application will make the surface of your vehicle look like new. Also, by polishing it you will be protecting the paint. It is recommended that those who do so have equipment such as an oscillating or rotating grinding machine, to achieve the special effect without damaging the paint. One of the tricks of the professionals is to apply two layers of wax to avoid leaving unpolished areas.

It is highly recommended to periodically wax your car to keep the paint in good condition, in addition to the required waxing for each change of season, to protect the brightness from the weather.

7. Crystals

The last step in cleaning a car is the windows. For this area, there are glass cleaning products (the most recommended are those that do not have ammonia) that you can apply and clean with a cloth, but the secret to leaving them excellent is to dry them with paper or newspaper.

Follow these simple tips and you will notice that cleaning your Car, SUV or Truck gets a new and higher level, in addition to improving the way you live every moment in your vehicle.