Amazon Echo Auto is already here and you can use it regardless of the car model you have


Although some vehicles are already integrating Amazon Alexa into their general connectivity scheme for the infotainment system, most cars do not yet have this functionality, therefore, Amazon has decided to launch the new Amazon Echo Auto, a portable device that can be connected to your vehicle.

The offer of Amazon Echo smart devices is increasingly wide and the well-known Amazon Echo Dot, Show, and Spot, now Auto joins, a small device designed to expand the connectivity of the infotainment system of your car without spending a fortune and it best is that you don’t need a car of the year to use it.

Echo Auto can be connected to the infotainment system of your car through Bluetooth or through the auxiliary input and to function it will use the mobile network of your cell phone, so you will not need the most modern entertainment info system to make it work and it is compatible with virtually any stereo.

Using your mobile data, Amazon Echo can activate music playback through streaming services such as Amazon Music, Spotify or Deezer, in addition to allowing you to listen to internet radio in applications like TuneIn, all with a simple voice command.

In daily tasks it can also be very useful, since it incorporates all the well-known functions of Amazon Echo, such as making tasks or shopping lists, setting alarms, or making calls, all with complete confidentiality, because if you wish you can deactivate their microphones with simple voice command so you don’t hear your conversations.

Here comes the “but” of Amazon Echo Auto

As you can see, Amazon Echo Auto is an extremely versatile device and very useful in your day to day, although of course there are some disadvantages, since the support for ventilation grills is not compatible with all designs and connectivity is limited only for smartphones with Android 6.0 or iOS 12 or higher, although of course, these are already somewhat old equipment, so any modern equipment will be compatible.

Amazon Echo Auto is already available in almost all of Europe, Asia, and the United States, and it will soon reach other markets such as Mexico. In the United States, it is currently offered in Amazon USA for about $ 30, which at the current exchange rate is about 680 Mexican pesos, although there is also the option of waiting for a little to see what price it is offered through Amazon Mexico.


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