BMW Digital Key is here, so you can open and start the car with your iPhone


It is not a secret that BMW is one of the automotive brands that are always at the forefront in the field of technology and safety. In its time, it was the first to offer connectivity to iPod devices, it was also the first to offer the possibility of having a wireless Apple CarPlay connection and incorporate laser lights in their cars. Now it will integrate a new function to be able to use your iPhone as a digital key for your car: BMW Digital Key.

The digital key service will be launched as a new service that will allow customers to forget about smart keys to start using our mobile phone as a means of security, an accessory that is always with us.

BMW Digital Key technology will take advantage of the encryption functions of the Apple Wallet to store the access information to our vehicle, which will provide a plus in terms of security. With this digital key, we can have access to our vehicle and even start it, by placing the phone in the smart mobile base.

To make matters worse, access to the vehicle can be shared with up to 5 different iPhone users, and these can be configured to give restricted access to younger drivers, which will reduce the maximum speed, the power of the car, the maximum volume of the radio and other security features.

This new connectivity feature between BMW and Apple will offer new comfort options, including a security system to maintain access to the car and its functions for up to five hours if the smartphone is discharged, in addition to offering compatibility with Apple Watch to maintain the control at all times.

The functionality will be activated on July 1 and will be available for all Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, X5M, X6M, and Z4 models, for those who have an iPhone XR, XS or later and Apple Watch Series 5 or later. If you have any questions about this new functionality, remember that you can visit the site to know all the details.


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