Family car vacation


Some of the most memorable moments in the family are when we take advantage of a bridge, holiday, or vacation to go on an adventure and give ourselves a few days of rest and fun. Discover, according to the Official Mexican Standard, some tips to make the most of your road trip.

Checklist for going on a road trip

1. Take your car to the Service.

If you still do not have the service of 10,000 km, ask for a comprehensive review of the condition and pressure of the tires, the brake pads. Both revisions will provide greater grip and stability to the vehicle.

2. It has a spare tire.

As well as Jack, key and signaling kit.

3. Also, check the lights.

You can do a quick exam at home by turning on each and all at once.

4. Check the liquids.

Water, Oil, and Coolant. This will prevent engine wear.

5. Engine.

A check to make sure it is working properly.

6. Review the coverage of your Insurance Policy.

Pay attention to Material Damage and Third Party Damage, for example. Make sure it’s still current and have the insurer’s phone numbers available.

7. Seat Belt.

Also, check the operation of each of the Safety belts and make sure that they are all used when the car is running.

8. Review the route and consult alternative routes.

Especially if you go through areas with difficult terrain or rainy weather. If possible, investigate if there are sections in remodeling and the progress of this.

9. Air conditioning and climate control.

This is mainly to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

10. Routes.

He plans to make long trips during the day and after resting.

11. Fire extinguishers.

The Traffic Regulations indicate that it is necessary to bring a fire extinguisher in the vehicle. Said fire extinguisher must have the date of the original charge and its size will depend on the number of passengers allowed by the vehicle.

All equipment, such as hydraulic jack and fire extinguishers, require training to be used. Make sure you know the correct operation of each device.

Once this checklist is completed, you are ready for adventure and enjoy a vacation with your family or friends.