Ford uses Millions of Recycled Plastic Bottles to make Auto Parts


Since 1990, Ford has been known for being environmentally responsible by becoming the first automotive manufacturer to use recycled plastic in some of its models of Cars, Trucks, and SUVs.

Ford Implements Automotive Design with Lighter Materials

In the past 12 years, the implementation of aerodynamics in car design has fueled the need for the use of lighter materials in vehicle bodies and auto parts, so Ford decided to innovate by using the plastic from approximately 250 disposable containers in every vehicle it makes, applying it primarily to the undercoats of cars and SUVs, as well as the lining of Ford’s F-Series truck tires, improving fuel economy, which also helps the environment. Plus, they help create a quieter environment in one of Ford’s new SUV truck models: Escape 2020.

How does Recycled Plastic become Auto Parts?

The process for making auto parts begins with the separation of thousands of plastic bottles. These are collected and crushed into small pieces that are melted and later converted into the fiber. These fibers are then subjected to a textile process to produce plastic sheets, which are sent to the assembler to convert them into components of Ford vehicles, which helps to reduce pollutants and amounts of plastic that could be disposed of in seas, lakes, and oceans.

Ford EcoSport: The Truck with Mats made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
The Ford EcoSport SUV is the vehicle that uses the most recycled plastic bottles to manufacture its interiors.

Approximately 470 plastic bottles are recycled to create fibers for weaving Ford EcoSport rugs. This is in addition to the amount of recycled material that is used to build the exterior and bottom parts of this SUV truck.

The use of plastic bottles adds to Ford’s efforts to provide users with environmentally friendly options, such as the EcoBoost ® Motor, which offers greater performance without sacrificing power, the Auto Start-Stop System, which turns off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete halt, Intelligent Acceleration Control, which optimizes fuel consumption, and the technology present in Ford Fusion Hybrid, which offers the best combination of power and efficiency.

This material is suitable and functional for the parts we are making in the company.”