If the police stop you, Siri has a voice command to record everything


Amid protests in the United States over the murder of George Floyd, Americans have popularized an iPhone command to ask Siri to record while a police officer conducts a “routine inspection” of your documentation and your car.

” Hey Siri, they are asking me to stop ” is the voice command that you should use so that, at that moment, your phone stops playing music, lowers the brightness of the screen and activates the front camera to start the recording of the police intervention.

When the inspection ends and Siri stops the video, she can automatically back it up herself on cloud platforms like Dropbox or iCloud, depending on the preferences of the phone’s owner, where it will be kept to work as evidence in case of any irregularity.

Robert Petersen is the creator of this program, who launched it for iOS in 2018 and since then has kept updating it year after year, taking advantage of that same year Apple first launched the voice shortcuts with Siri to program voice commands that activate a specific function.

“I was just looking for a way for anyone to have proof of their side of the story in the unlikely scenario that something unexpected happened during interaction with a police officer,” Petersen said in an interview for KCTV last year, he also concluded in their Reddit page “If one person in 10,000 finds this program useful, then I will be satisfied.

Remember that to activate this command you must first download the “Shortcuts” application from the App Store, and then open the settings of your iPhone to enable the option “Allow unreliable shortcuts”. After doing this job, you can download the command from this website and activate it on your phone to keep you safe in the event of a bad experience with the police in your area.


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