Most Reliable Car Insurance Companies


Why do we invest in car insurance? According to the law, it is necessary to purchase one as it keeps you at ease. Moreover, lawmakers urge you to make sure that your car is associated with a reputable insurance company. 

However, even if it was not required by the law to invest in one, you should do it for the sake of safety. It assures you that your expenses would be covered by an insurer in case of an accident or mishap. However, not all car insurance policies are similar. There are a hundred insurance companies in the market, and each offers something unique and eye-catching to its consumers. They come up with different discounts and packages, some of which are marketing tactics, but they certainly work. 

When comparing two or more companies, it’s wise to see the entire picture, including customer service, coverage, discounts, etc. 

We have been working on this article for a while now and have accumulated companies that own high ratings in the market. Each company has its own perks and would benefit you in different ways. 

Based on our research, we have compiled a list of companies that we feel are simply the best. They have it all; advantageous rates, discounts, perks for the servicemen and women, etc. 

Following are 4 companies that are worth investing in:

  • GEICO: Perfect rates and discounts.
  • State Farm: They offer a best-personalized experience. 
  • Amica Mutual: Best for making claims.
  • USAA: Perfect for the servicemen and women.


Their ads can certainly make you scratch your heads, but GEICO offers a wide variety of discounts, impeccable customer service, and lowest costs in the industry. Does it not sound appealing to you?

Their website is one of the best as it is nicely designed and easy to use. Also, we are a massive of their mobile app as it provides you with all the necessary data. It’s one of the best budget-friendly insurance companies in the market.

GEICO’s extensive coverage options include:

  • Obligation coverage
  • Collision and accidental coverage
  • Injuries protection
  • Coverage for uninsured motorist
  • (GAP) insurance
  • Mechanical insurance
  • Rideshare insurance
  • Emergency assistance when you’re on the road
  • Rental car compensation

What we think about GEICO:

If you’re looking for a company that offers quality, for example, good rates, discounts, etc., then opt for GEICO. It won’t disappoint you and will provide you with the best coverage. Furthermore, some of the best features in the GEICO mobile app really makes this insurance firm different from the rest. 

State Farm:

State Farm has grown into a national favourite ever since it gained fame in the market. They have been serving for many years and still provide you with massive discounts, good coverage, and most importantly, excellent customer service. 

What do they offer?

State Farm offers extensive car insurance coverages like:

  • Obligation coverage
  • Collision and accidental coverage 
  • Medical and personal injury protection 
  • Uninsured & underinsured motorist coverage
  • GAP insurance
  • Rideshare insurance
  • Emergency assistance 
  • Rental car & travel expenditure reimbursement

What we think about State Farm:

The State Farm does not offer any extraordinary digital services, but it does offer excellent customer support. Quite a lot of people love how they deal with their customers and help them in every possible way. It is an old company and is often praised by people. It’s one of the best in the market.

Amica Mutual:

Amica Mutual is one of the best as it offers low premium and has received the best spot on J.D. Power’s Auto Claims Satisfaction Study for multiple years in a row. We definitely think that it is one of the best insurance companies out there in the market.

What do they offer?

Coverage and other discounts:

Like several other auto insurance companies, Amica Mutual offers multiple perks to its customers. They offer 24/7 roadside assistance, low premiums, excellent customer service, etc. Amica also offers a comprehensive package called Platinum Choice Auto, which includes benefits like accident mercy, identity theft monitoring, and premium rental car coverage. Furthermore, consumers can also get referral and loyalty discounts. They also offer competitive rates, which is a plus for sure. 

Following are some of the benefits of choosing Amica:

  • Safe vehicle discounts for airbags, anti-theft systems, and more. 
  • Multi-vehicle and multi-policy discounts. 
  • Loyalty discounts for consumers who remain with Amica for more than two (2) years. 
  • Autopay discounts. 
  • Electronic discount for consumers who go paperless and prefer digital over physical. 

What we think about Amica:

It’s evident that Amica Mutual doesn’t offer any unusual discounts or packages as compared to the rest in the market, but they do have an impeccable customer service. Moreover, their premiums aren’t extraordinary, but they rank among the lowest in the industry. We definitely recommend them if you are looking for a company that offers excellent customer support and guidance. 


If you or one of your family members work or have previously worked for the military, then USAA is hands down the best option for you.

The company is well regarded and their financial situation is simply the best. They offer their services to the members of the armed services – be it active or retired. Moreover, their services are also extended to the immediate kin. They offer some of the lowest premiums in the market, along with 24/7 customer service. What more do you want?

USAA’s policies offer:

  • Bodily injury obligation.
  • Property damage obligation.
  • Collision and accident coverage.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage.
  • Personal injury security and medical payments.

Moreover, USAA offers the following discounts: 

  • Safe driver discounts.
  • Student discounts for drivers under 21 years old. 
  • Multi-vehicle and multi-policy discounts.
  • Base and storage discounts.
  • Mileage discounts.
  • Discounts if you are a returning customer. 

What we think about USAA:

USAA is so far the best option if you are eligible for their car insurance coverage. They are quite flexible when it comes to insurance policies, so you should definitely avail this opportunity (only if you are eligible). The organisation offers excellent rates, exciting discounts for current members of the military, and pleasant online experience. They also have a wide range of packages for individuals who are retired from the military. Please keep in mind that they only deal with military servicemen and women. This company is not for ordinary citizens.