Party nights and electronics from the car, the solution of Germany and Denmark


For a few weeks, Europe has begun the process of deconfining and the massive crowds, for the moment, continue to be prohibited. However, an initiative that is as original as it is effective has emerged that allows you to enjoy nightlife: “auto-clubbing”.

Germany is famous, among other things, for electronic music. Same as its neighbors Belgium, the Netherlands, or Denmark. The numerous festivals of reference in the sector take place and they also have some of the most important DJs in the world.

Perhaps his passion for this type of music is the origin and the reason that self-clubbing has emerged there, and not elsewhere, during these weeks of confinement. That they couldn’t take it anymore.

A fun and responsible alternative

Dancing at home is the only option when the doors of the discotheques have been closed for months; but it is not the same, of course. For this reason, at the beginning of May, these striking shows began in Germany: partying with the car.

With the car, yes. But not to drive to an underground nightclub and skip the safety distance, but to live an epic night of spree without putting anyone’s health at risk.

The latter is important. The Club Index, the disco that organized it, did so knowing the situation of the country and the world due to the pandemic. So the condition to attend your event was clear: two people maximum inside each vehicle. In total, up to 500 attendees gathered on the makeshift esplanade.

The party was a resounding success. Attendees, who were constantly watched by the police, enjoyed honking their horns and moving to the rhythm of some artists, such as Devin Wild. Very happy with the experience, he shared a video on his social networks where the evening is observed from the stage. He accompanied him with words that prove his emotion: “I have never experienced anything like this.” We can imagine it.

They liked it so much that the club held more events the following days, including one for families. A phenomenon that was soon repeated by more points of German geography.

Also in Denmark, where in early May the DJ Mads Langer performed a concert for hundreds of people.

Without incident, without contagion, and with such good results, the organizers decided to take advantage of the model to enjoy the seventh art. Drive-in cinema is not something new of this time; however, Germany is now experiencing spectacular growth: before Covid-19 there were five drive-ins, between 15 and 20 in high season; now there are more than 100.

In the same way, some religious events have also been held for hundreds of people in this format. Like this one in the city of Düsseldorf.

The crisis and the difficulties of the pandemic have forced the search for creative solutions in many areas. Germany has shown that you can party with the car and have fun without breaking the law or the recommendations. Something they continue to do.


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