Risky Car Insurance


When you invest in a car insurance policy, the insurance company asks you to complete a risk assessment test to determine the probability of your future claims. Multiple things play a massive and significant role in evaluating your application. For example, you’d be asked to provide the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Credit Score
  • Driving Record

Individuals that have had accidents in the past or any cases of traffic violations, face double scrutiny as it tells the insurers that they’d be making a claim in the near future as they already have a poor driving history. Such individuals are considered risky and are put into a separate category. When you make a claim, it means that the company will have to pay for your damaged vehicle and bear all the extra expenses.

Hence, high-risk clients usually have to pay high premiums. Quite a lot times the insurance firms will charge more to drivers with any crimes or collisions on their record, whether they’re appealing for a new policy or are a current policyholder.

You may get a call from your insurers that they are raising your premiums once you get a ticket or encounter an accident on the road. It does not matter if it’s your fault or not; the insurers only see what they want to see and put you into the category of potentially risky clients.

However, there are certain insurance companies that are willing to take a risk on such people. We recently assessed all the insurance options out there for high-risk drivers to discover the best coverage options. While working on this article, we took several factors into consideration; we looked for companies that are willing to provide the best rates and are ready to give drivers that have poor records a chance. We have accumulated a list of the best insurance companies that are reputable and offer protection to risky drivers:

  • The General: Best if you desire minimum coverage. 
  • Dairyland Insurance: Best for drivers needing an SR-22.
  • State Farm: Best possible rates after a DUI.
  • GEICO: Best rates after a traffic violation. 
  • Direct Auto: Best rates for drivers with poor credit or record. 

General Insurance:

General insurance provides auto insurance to everyone, including high-risk drivers. The company markets itself as a non-standard auto insurance carrier, meaning that it’s a company that specifically covers high-risk drivers. The General insurance company provides coverage in all states except for Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Jersey.

The General’s coverage includes the following:

  • They provide coverage for even the highest-risk drivers.
  • They offer multiple unique discounts.
  • Easy claims process through a smartphone app.
  • They provide multi-car policies to customers who insure more than one car.
  • Double deductible, which basically doubles the deductible for collision coverage for the first 45 days of a policy.
  • Paid in full to consumers who pay one year’s premium instead of monthly instalments. 
  • Previous insurance for those who swap to The General straight from another insurance provider. 

Dairyland Insurance:

The drivers with DUIs, traffic violations or a history of uninsured driving require particular evidence of insurance document called an SR-22. However, bear in mind that not all companies approve of high-risk drivers, and not all companies provide SR-22 document.

If you for some reason need an SR-22 document, you can opt for the Dairyland insurance plan through their website and obtain the document as quickly as possible.

Dairyland’s coverage includes the following:

  • Multi-car insurance policy.
  • Advanced quotes. 
  • Wide range of discounts. 
  • Quarterly or yearly payment plan.
  • Defensive driving.
  • Anti-theft coverage. 
  • Available 24/7 online or via phone,
  • Freedom to opt for your preferred repair shop.
  • Best rates for high-risk drivers.

State Farm:

Majority of the insurance companies dramatically elevate charges once a driver gets a DUI. This is probably because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records show that drunk driving-related mishaps kill nearly 30 individuals every day.

Certain insurance companies even double rates post-DUI, but, State Farm is more understanding and welcoming. They also have the lowest rates in over 20 states for drivers with DUIs.

State Farm’s coverage includes the following:

  • Most economical rates for DUI drivers in more than 20 states.
  • They offer a ‘Drive Safe & Save’ discount plan.
  • They provide homeowners and other policies. 


It usually takes various driving violations, tickets, accidents and collisions to mark you as a high-risk or risky driver. Multiple people receive high rates from insurance companies once they get a ticket. It then gets difficult for the drivers to maintain their cars, but GEICO offers a great solution to all those that suffer because of poor driving record. It has competitive rates even for drivers with speeding tickets or collisions on their record.

  • Amazing discount offerings.
  • The best mobile app experience.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Roadside assistance, guidance and help. 

Direct Auto & Life Insurance:

You have got to understand that a low credit score can affect your insurance premiums in general. It can sometimes affect your ability to obtain insurance too. However, Direct Auto & Life insurance offers affordable car insurance policies to all those who struggle with their credit score. There are only a few companies in the market who’d do this for you. Hence, make sure you opt for Direct Auto & Life insurance if you require help with your credit.

  • They offer high-risk auto insurance to drivers with bad credit history.
  • They offer insurance to drivers who have bad driving records. 
  • They can provide SR-22 to drivers who require it.
  • They offer a wide variety of flexible payment options for drivers on a tight or low budget. 

Final thoughts:

It is always advised to work upon your driving skills and opt for a course or two to enhance it. However, if you have encountered an accident or two in the past, make sure to opt for one of the above-mentioned companies. They are quite reputable and reliable and can genuinely help you get maximum discounts. Give one of their representatives a call or book an appointment with them. Share your thoughts and experience so they can help you in a better way. Sometimes companies draft customised policies for certain individuals too.