Solar panels reach electric cars


Have you ever imagined a car with solar panels?

In recent years, the automotive industry has been on the rise thanks to innovation. One of them is the creation of electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions, even though there are still millions of gasoline or diesel motor cars in circulation. One of the novelties is the implantation of solar panels in electric cars.

In search of alternatives

In this context, one of the great difficulties with electric vehicles is the difficulty and cost of recharging their batteries. For this reason, engineers have found a solution to this problem by using solar panels.

Solar panels in electric cars are currently under development but will play a key role in the future, as they will be a major competitor for hydrogen-fueled cars.

It should be noted that several automobile brands have included solar panels in their models, but to give power to some functions such as the stereo.

There are very few cases in which the car works only with solar energy. For example, the Sono Sion is a minivan that has over 330 solar panels that completely cover the car. In this case, the vehicle reaches 250 kilometers of autonomy.

Another case is the Lightyear One, a prototype of a solar car, capable of reaching 750 kilometers of autonomy thanks to its 5 square meters of solar panels throughout the vehicle.

Probably, it will take us a while to see these models on our roads, but what is certain is that we can optimize the consumption of our vehicle, regardless of its characteristics, thanks to Movistar Car.

Movistar Car is a device that will offer us great advantages both in optimizing our car as well as road safety tools.

Valid energy for vehicles … and in homes?

The big industries are working side by side to take care of the environment in the face of the climate emergency that we are experiencing today.

The solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable Spain, which employs more solar utilization thanks to technology solar thermal and photovoltaic.

But this energy source presents a problem, and that is that it cannot be used for a building or a residential area because it is not possible to obtain supply during the night hours. However, for vehicles, it would not be a problem.

And even vehicles could provide power to our homes in the future. For example, the LG company has proposed the creation of a car battery that would be charged through the use of solar panels; On the other hand, these batteries could supply a home, as long as the vehicle is in the house during the hours of its charge.


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