Sony is serious about the automotive industry, the Sony Vision-S is already in Japan to start road tests


During CES 2020 we were able to see several technological advances in the automotive industry, but if anything caught our attention it was the electric car that Sony presented. Yes, the Sony that manufactures the Playstation, headphones, televisions, etc. The Sony Vision-S was introduced as a concept with a pint of basically being ready to hit the road. Today Sony announced that the Vision-S is already back in Japan to continue its development with tests on public roads.

According to Sony, the car will continue its development so that during the fiscal year 2021 it can continue its tests on public roads in Japan. Since it was introduced, it showed that it was able to move, and have a functional interior. Go gave up performance figures that reveal its ability to reach up to 240 km / h and do 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds thanks to its two electric motors, one for each axis, and that in total produce 400 kW or 536 hp.

From the beginning, Sony made it clear that they designed the car, but it was manufactured by Magna Steyr, the same people in charge of assembling the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, BMW Z4, and Toyota Supra, among several other cars. Also to perfect their sensors, radars, cameras, processors, and more they allied with brands such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm, ZF, Blackberry, and Continental among others.

It stands out that this concept has 33 sensors inside and outside the car that allow you to have autonomous driving or if the driver chooses to drive the car, these systems can better alert you to any detail to make them safer and their journeys comfortable.

Its equipment is such that it even has the state of mind of its occupants as if that were not enough Sony clarifies that they are looking to reach a level of autonomy 4 and that it can be updated from the cloud thanks to 5G technology.

Sony as a new car brand?

Everything we see seems to indicate that Sony wants to become a newly established manufacturer, which would be incredible in an industry that always surprises us. However, this move may be more of a way to show the world its ability to develop autonomous driving systems, security features, connectivity interfaces, and more that they can offer to other brands in the future.

Although we cannot completely rule out either, a foray into the auto industry entirely. Only time will tell us whether the Vision-S will end up being the first product in a new branch for the brand.


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