What are the best apps for Android Auto?


The arrival of smart cars has given drivers a better driving experience. For example, it is possible to install applications that optimize the default tools of our vehicles.

Android Auto has become an essential element for today’s cars. Most of the distractions behind the wheel are caused by the use of mobile phones, but we can use our device as safely as possible.

This system can be used using the default that is incorporated in our vehicle, or by downloading the application on our smartphone. Either way, we can use applications that we have installed on the phone without losing sight of the road.

Next, we tell you what are the best applications for Android Auto.

Navigation should never be missing

Before, when finding the best route, we had to resort to the map stored in our glove compartment. But with the arrival of smart cars, we can use the GPS to find the fastest way to reach our destination. For this reason, it is better to start this journey by listing the best navigation applications for our car.

We start with a classic: Google Maps. This application is the default on many Android phones and easily adapts to Android Auto. It is not only intended to guide us to reach the desired destination, but also offers points of interest, and even indicates the road situation in real-time.

Some prefer Google Maps and others are more than Waze. The latter provides the same as the first, but it is true that Waze provides more information in real-time. In this application, drivers can upload data such as incidents and radars at certain points.

Music applications to liven up our trip

In order to remove any distractions behind the wheel, it is advisable to bring music to stay active. Android Autos provides its interface to use the following applications:

Services streaming music is the order of the day. Applications like Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music are available for our cars, where we will have access to millions of songs to make our journey more bearable.

We can also listen to podcasts and even audiobooks. Applications like Pocket Casts and Audible are available for our car screens, making it easy for us to navigate their libraries without any limitations.

Send messages without taking your hands off the wheel

As we have previously said, Android Auto provides tools with great ease to avoid driver distractions. One way to do this is to send messages without having to take our smartphone.

The best applications this time are WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. All of them offer support to our vehicle and the possibility of using it with the Google Assistant without having to write on the screen.

Knowing the best applications for Android Auto, would you download any of them for your car?


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